Welcome to the public beta of AnnoMarket! Here you can get text documents processed by one of our many specialised annotation services. Our Twitter analyser, the News annotation pipeline, and many others can be found in the AnnoMarket Store. You can upload your own data to process, or search one of our crawled web data sets. The list of services and data sets available will grow over time, so keep checking this page!

Custom requirements?

If you require a specialised analysis pipeline, contact us and we'll help you create one. Alternatively, we can build one for you, or put you in touch with people who can build you one.

Free credit for developers

During the beta period we will be providing free credit to developers who what to try out our service. Contact us for your free voucher!


For a limited period, access to the document processing API is entirely free. Each user account can make 1,000 calls each day.